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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.


Csaba Kotlár Baritono opera singer

My story

The discovery for me is Csaba Kotlar. Masculine by his figure as well as his cultivated and sounding baryton.

Csaba Kotlár begin his artistic journey in 2014 debutting as Hanezò in Mascagni’s L’amico Fritz conducted by Marián Vach in State Opera Banská Bystrica. From that moment, year after year, he debutted in different Opera international Houses.  His repertoire ranges betweeen Mozart, Rossini, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Massenet, Bizet, Puccini, Janáček and others specializing in a baritone cantabile repertoire.

Don Giovanni

Csaba Kotlár is completely convincing in the role of Don Giovanni. Vocally he is handling his role easily and he is fully capable of accomplishing even the staging’s demands with professionalism.

Olga Janáčková, Časopis Harmonie 

csaba kotlar baritono opera singer
Csaba Kotlár - Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni

On the other hand, if you have Csaba Kotlár available for the title role, you can’t even play Giovanni otherwise. A tall, slender, dark man with muscular, piercing eyes, who you can simply put in narrow jeans and T-shirts, throw a bit historicizing coat over him, adorn with a chain, and women must be in a trance. MeToo won’t do anything about it either, you can complain to Mother Nature or God the Father, according to your beliefs. However, Kotlár also precisely sings the perfect image of Giovanni and, in terms of movement and gestures, makes him a bit of a likable, impudent sovereign.

Josef Herman, divadelninoviny.cz

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Csaba Kotlár (Athanaël) is permanently engaged with the opera company of F. X. Šalda Theater and has literally become the sweetheart of the audience. No wonder - his baryton with beautifully saturated color sounds soft, voluminous, balanced in positions, and is extremely receptive to expressive and dynamic nuances. In addition, his appearance corresponds with today's type of opera heroes.
Csaba Kotlár in the double role of Vergilio's ghost / Duke, captivates with his colorfully rich, positionally balanced, and dramatically differentiating voice.
Together with Paolo Lardizzone, an unusual stage pairing with Csaba Kotlár (Kyoto), owner of a beautiful baryton and imposing appearance, adorns and flavors the performance.
World-class performance gave Csaba Kotlár as painter Marcello. His Marcello was manly, handsome and above all exquisitely sang. Csaba Kotlár has a velvety soft yet sounding voice, which is a delicious combination.
Mit sonorer Fülle und wummerndem Brustton gesellt sich Csaba Kotlár in den Reigen. Der Bariton ist als Kyoto eine unbeherrschte Natur, und das vermag er sowohl stimmlich als auch spielerisch auf den Punkt zu bringen.
Baritone Csaba Kotlár was a stately presence as the Ghost of Virgil and the Duke, with authoritative singing revealing where the real source of power lay, especially in his Knight scene with autocratic Baron.


In Liberec, they have a great baritone for the role of Athanaël. The young Slovak singer Csaba Kotlár excels in it. He has a supportive, balanced and interesting voice in which he can convincingly project strong emotions without forcing it . With his natural charisma, he has an impressive stage presence. 

Peter Veber,  Klasika plus.cz

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Awards and nominations

Ceny Thálie

– 2016

Thalia Awards

In 2016 he debuted in the main role of Athanaël (Thaïs – J. Massenet) in Liberec (Reichenberg) Czech Republic which he performed at the F. X .Šaldy Theater. This role got him his first nomination for Thalia Awards 2016/2017 by opera critics.

– 2016

Best male performance

Nomination for the best male performance in the opera category in the 2016 season in Czech Republic.

– 2017

Opera Awards 2017

The critic’s award main prize for the best production at the 13th festival of music theater opera 2017 and the audience award for the best male performance.

Ceny Thálie

– 2019

Thalia Awards

In 2019 he was nominated by opera critics for the second time for Thalia Awards for his performance in Francesca da Rimini and Miserly Knight in the double role of Ghost of Virgil and Duke.

opera 2020 csaba kotlár

– 2020

Festival of music theater opera 2020

The critics award main prize for the best production at the 14th festival of music theater opera 2020.

Francesca da Rimini

Csaba Kotlár in the double role of Vergilio’s ghost / Duke, captivates with his colorfully rich, positionally balanced, and dramatically differentiating voice.

Pavel Unger, Operaslovakia.sk

csaba kotlar zlaty plast

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